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When Vietnam first opened its borders to tourism in the late 1980’s Hoi An was a sleepy little village that time had seemed to have forgotten. Walking the streets was to take a step back in time for the few tourists who were starting to enter the country. Increasing numbers of tourists were gradually entering the country and Hoi An was the place that seemed to capture everyone’s hearts and word soon spread about this beautiful riverside village.

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999 for its outstanding preservation of a traditional Asian trading port. The town has been completely and assiduously preserved, and is the only town in Vietnam that has survived intact.
After Hoi An’s recognition by UNESCO it became one of the most visited destinations in Vietnam and the awards and accolades started to roll in.
2011 - Voted by CNNGo 43rd out of 50 of the most beautiful beaches in the world for An Bang beach located 4 km from the old town.
2011 - Wanderlust Britain’s online travel magazine voted Hoi An 2nd of the top ten tourist cities in the world after Luang Prabang.
2011 - The US Tourism Association voted Vietnam and Hoi An as the number one destination that tourists were wanting to visit.
2011 - Tripadvisor voted Hoi An 6th in the top ten most attractive gastronomic destinations.
2012 - Voted by Conde Nast Traveller, one of the world’s premier magazines, as one of the top ten leading tourism destinations in Asia, ranking number 8.
2012 - Smart travel a Hong Kong based company voted Hoi An 7th out of 10 top Asian tourist destinations.
2013 - Wanderlust the British tourism magazine declared Hoi An 5th in the world’s top cities in its Readers Travel Awards
2013 - Hoi An won the Asian Townscape award as voted by the joint organisers the UN Habitat Regional office for Asia and Pacific, The Asian Habitat society, the Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center and the Asian Townscape Design Society.
2013 - Tripadvisor voted Hoi An number 15 in the top destinations in Asia.
2014 - Hoi An town is set on the Thu Bon and Hoai river system – the Hoai river and its channels feature in 2014 in a list of the worlds 10 most famous canals in the world, by, ranking 4th behind Venice, Amsterdam and Bruges.
2014 - Agoda ranked Hoi An number 10 in the world for top hotel destinations.
2014 - Hoi An rated 2nd by Luxe in the top ten destinations in Asia for couples.
2014 - The Huffington post ranked Hoi An 26th out of The Top 50 Cities to see in your lifetime.
2014 - The Rough guide listed Hoi An amongst its 20 unforgettable things to do at night on your travels.
Hoi An now sees many returning tourists who come to spend their holiday solely in Hoi An. The allure is the aesthetic beauty of the old town and surrounds, it’s cleanliness and safety. Access to numerous restaurants and street food vendors selling some of the most delicious food in Vietnam. Days lazing at the beach or beside the pool. Tailors and shoe makers to pamper oneself with custom made attire. Day trips into the mountains or Da Nang. Cruising or kayaking on the Thu Bon and Co Co rivers. Hoi An is a destination to chill out and recharge oneself or be as active as you desire.