About Us

About Us


Conceived and founded by Mrs.Vo Thi Thu, this mini-resort offers all of the appointments expected at the most exclusive of  holiday retreats, yet with the cosy and familiar feel of a  homestay. Her concept was to create a small amd homely hotel offering all of the services and amenities of a large resort. Focussing on family, the concept grew include the lush garden environment which surrounds her own family home. Built in what was previously her own garden, Hoi An Garden Villas gives its guests a unique opportunity to interact and enjoy hospitality of Mrs.Thu, her husband Mr Gioi, their family and their staff. Each exclusive room has been designed with relax-ation in mind. Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, in a group or with your family this mini-resort has a perfect blend character and comfort.

Mrs.Thu and her husband have been involved in Hoi An’s growing tourism industry since the very  beginning. She began by running the Hoi An Trade and Services Company transporting beer and tobacco from Saigon and rice from the Mekong Delta provinces up to Hoi An to sell  the markets. Realising that many other parts of Viet Nam were finding success within the tourism industry, she decided to open the first mini-hotel for westerners in Hoi An. Founded in 1991, the Hoi An hotel in Tran Hung Dao only had eight rooms, but rapidly expanded to 160 rooms to become the largest four star hotel. In 2002 Mrs.Thu then took over running the new Hoi An Beach at the same time as the Hoi An hotel, overseeing over 250 rooms at one time. Mr.Gioi meanwhile was working as the Vice Chairman of Hoi An People’s Committee, overseeing Culture, Tourism and Sport. He held this position for over ten years, one of the many highlights being this involvement in securing UNESCO recognition for the town. Mrs.Thu retired in 2009, but after working in the tourism industry for the twenty years she stills has adeep passion and interest in the area.


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